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Customer Success Content Creator

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Customer Success Content Creator

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The SaaS industry is in turmoil and more and more CSMs get laid off.

Writing publicly about customer success and building your personal brand in customer success can't protect you against losing your job.

But it will make sure that you'll continuously get inbound job offers and keep your time of unemployment brief.

And, of course, it will also create all the career opportunities in the world if you are simply looking for a new and better role.

A great CV is no longer enough to stand out.

How do I know it works?

Since I pivoted into Customer Success in September 2020 writing about customer success on LinkedIn has gotten me

  • ~ 10 Mio. content views in 2022
  • 6k+ profile visits per 90 days
  • into the Top 25 CS influencer list from Success Hacker
  • 30+ invitations to talk on podcasts, speak at events and webinars as well as host paid keynote speeches
  • 100% inbound revenue for my consulting business

(cue the inbound revenue for job offers)

What's in for you?

I got all these outcomes while being a total Customer Success newbie.

What could you achieve with all your expertise and experience? Double? Tripple?

But as I've never been a marketer, copywriter, etc. myself, I know how hard it is to get started.

How you've planned to start out 20 times but couldn't think of anything to write.

How hard it is to consistently produce quality content to get engagement and gain influence.

Here's how I can help

With my Customer Success Content Creator Ebook, you'll get access to

  1. 60+ of my best content pieces
  2. 150+ more content ideas
  3. 50+ ideas for headlines
  4. 5 best practices

and kickstart your writing career with proven templates, tools, and insights.

Why you should start now

As more and more people are breaking into customer success and companies freeze new hires the competition for open roles will become more intense.

But there are still few customer success professionals creating content on LinkedIn. If you start now, you'll be a mile ahead if they decide to follow.

Are you ready to show what you've got?

Some additional info

  • 50% discount if you are currently unemployed
  • Purchase Parity Discounts for most countries
  • If both apply, you'll get both

Send me a message to get your discount code.

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