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Do your customers love meeting your for QBRs?

Acquisition- vs. customer-value-led business model

Customer success managers are not magicians.

Customer success does not start after the purchase, it starts with setting customer expectations.

The higher the number of customers per CSM, the lower the quality of services becomes.  

High churn rates are not caused by the customer success team

5 reasons why you should double down on customer success in 2022 and beyond: 

There are 3 different levels of customer success

7 steps to successfully sell customer success to your leadership and board:

You can’t get a high Net Revenue Retention Rate with bad-fit and mediocre-fit customers.

Customer success should be pure offense

The 6 most deadly customer onboarding sins that cause churn

CSMs are the eyes and ears for executives, marketers, sales reps, and product teams.

Customer Success is a company-wide strategy

How to create the right mindset to successfully eliminate churn.

Why the CEO owns customer success and churn

Why Most SaaS companies are not aligned on customer success

Customer success should be neither proactive nor reactive

How to operationalize your Net Retention Rate in 8 steps

Net Retention Rate vs. Churn

3 good reasons why your Net Retention Rate should become your top priority

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